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The Rapture Plan

We are not trying to convince anyone that the rapture will occur, or sell THE GOLDEN RULE LAW GROUP® Rapture Plan© to anyone. We have no special knowledge of what the rapture will look like. There is no guarantee that the rapture will happen in your lifetime, or that the rapture will be what we expect. Therefore, this plan is offered only to people who already hold a strong personal belief in the rapture, based on their view of world events and their own study, and who want to provide legally for their strongly held belief, even if it does not happen in their lifetime, or as expected. This is distributed free of charge. If you wish to read more, please click  the booklet.”

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Attorneys Woods & Decker were professional and compassionate. We were grateful for their quick response and ability to meet with us on short notice. They listened carefully and provided us with sound counsel. We highly recommend their services!
Don Priem
These lawyers live by the motto of their firm. Their kindness and generosity of spirit gives lawyers the good name that all should strive for.
Tanner Tanner
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